Class 1 |Virtual Relationships |October 8

Write two blog posts this week, responding to posts written by somebody else: create a post on the class blog, linking us to your posts and explaining in a sentence or two why you responded to those specific posts.

Workshop exercise: Go through your blogroll to remove blogs that are no longer active or interesting to you. Replace them, and augment your list, with other bloggers who you would like to be aware of your work; go through these bloggers’ blogrolls to add members of those bloggers’ communities to your own. Then, plan a series of three posts that will draw this community to you and begin to set those posts up on your blog.

People new to the class: write a post for the class blog, introducing yourself to the other members of the class. If you have a blog of your own, link it in your post. Then, with the time remaining, familiarize yourself with the blogs written by your classmates, and leave comments for them.