Class 5 | You Are Now Free to Move Around the Blogosphere| November 5

This is our final discussion for the module: our readings address the question, When does blogging become more than a discrete activity, linking to a bigger communications history and praxis?

For this class, write a post in which you link to at least three other blogs that are part of a common project that relates to your blog. Say why you like those blogs, and why your readers should read them. This is also your opportunity to go back and clean up or complete any posts you have missed since the beginning of this module.

Your grade will be submitted on Friday November 6. In addition, please do not forget to fill out the course evaluation for this module and for Blogging 1 if you took that as well. This is a new course, and it is extremely important to me to have your views so that I can improve the experience for the next group of students that takes it. All evaluations are anonymous, and I will not see them until the grades have been submitted.