Class 2 | You and Your Audience | September 3

We will spend the first hour of class discussing these readings: you must do them in order to be an active participant in the class, and to learn about what we are doing. Click on each hyperlink and the reading will either appear in .pdf or you will be taken to another site where the reading was published. Choose one of the readings to write a short blog post that reveals what you learned from it; then comment on someone else’s blog post.

Workshop exercise:  In the second hour of our class, we will establish and work on our own blogs. You will choose a blogging platform that is suitable for the blog you want to write, register an account, and choose a title for your blog. Make it private for now. If there is time, we will also learn to locate, import and upload media. Send an invitation to follow your blog (

If you are feeling ambitious, go ahead and establish your blog before class. For now, set it to “private.” If you can’t figure out how to do this, either go on YouTube and put the question in the search box (“How do I make my Word Press blog private?”) or wait to establish the blog until you come to class. Your blog needs a name, a design and a welcome post that tells readers what it is about. There are  four basic blogging platforms that you should investigate before you get to class/establish the blog, unless you have a preference already:

  • Blogger (you may sign into blogger through an existing Google Account, or create a Google account to access Blogger.) Easy to use.
  • Word Press. Slightly more complex to learn, but great to learn for a business environment.
  • tumblr. Youth-oriented; disseminates your posts to followers automatically; good for an image-rich environment and easy to learn.

At the end of class, please fill out the following polls: