Blogging 1: Your Tool Box

This is your chance to experiment with blogging, a medium that has changed journalism, scholarship and the creation of community through the sharing of ideas on the Internet. No previous experience is necessary. In five classes, students learn to use a basic bloggers “toolbox”: they will choos a web platform and design, establish a theme and learn to use the blog platform as a portfolio, digital humanities project and/or a location to publish their own writing. Students will have a brief introduction to the ethics of writing in public, and will learn the basics of copyright and Creative Commons licensing. Students may choose to make their blogs public, or close their work to members of the class, the professor and other selected viewers. Students who do not wish to establish their own blogs may contribute to This Week in Incarceration — Past and Present, the Global Dialogues Project blog at the Humanities Action Lab.

Learning Outcomes. After successfully completing the class, students will have learned:

  • The basic vocabulary and writing styles that are typical of blogging;
  • The best blogging platforms and how to use them;
  • Methods of making the most from your blogging platform of choice;
  • How to design a blog that best suits your topic, and market it to a suitable community;
  • How to identify and shape your audience.

Classes will be held on August 27, September 3, 10 and 17, and October 1. There is no class on Rosh Hashanah, September 24.