Communicating With the Professor

How to Address Me: Since we are all adults, students are invited to address me by my first name in both written and spoken communication. If you prefer an honorific, please call me Professor Potter — not Dr. Potter (although technically that is correct), or Mrs. Potter (which is not correct.) I try to learn students’  names quickly: please let me know if I am mispronouncing or otherwise doing a disservice to your name.

Office Hours: Meeting with a professor who is interested in you and your work is one of the benefits of being in a degree program, or taking classes, at The New School for Public Engagement. You are invited to make an appointment with me at a time that is convenient to both of us. Please send me a few times that you are free, preferably in advance of when an assignment is due, and I will send you an email telling you when your appointment will be. Although there are many reasons you might want to talk to me privately, they might include:

  • Seeking assistance with reading comprehension or speed, note taking, class preparation or a written assignment;
  • Discussing a theme of the class that particularly interests you;
  • Talking about how this class might fit into, or even shape, your program of study;
  • Technical difficulties you are having with the class blog, or your own blogging platform;
  • Personal issues that are preventing you from attending,or being on time for, class.

Email: Many of us feel overwhelmed by the intensity of modern communication. However, I must ask you to check your New School email account regularly, and use it when contacting me about course work. Directing your New School email to your smart phone is one easy way to do that. In addition:

  • Send links and any materials you want to distribute to the class through the class blog;
  • Answer direct requests from me within 48 hours, whenever possible. I will do the same.
  • Email exchanges are not appropriate (or humane!) for discussing your work in the course, disagreements over a grade, or any difficulties you may have completing the assignments. Make an appointment to speak with me. If work, commuting, disability or childcare make that too difficult to arrange, we can also have a Skype appointment.