In each portion of the course, students will be graded on:

  1. writing assignments
  2. attendance and participation: this includes commenting on class blog posts
  3. mastery of web applications and tools
  4. mastery of blog strategies
  5. class presentation and collaboration

Instead of letter grades, students will be awarded a maximum of five points a week, one in each category, with a total of 25 points available (CE students may choose not to be graded at all.) Students will be made aware at all times what their weekly, and total score, is, and will receive suggestions for improvement, in a confidential Dropbox folder. A student who scores fewer than 4 points at the end of five weeks will have failed the course. Because this is only a five week class, late work and absence puts a student in a particularly tenuous position. An absence will trigger an automatic grade reduction of five points: after two absences, unless you are a CE student, you will be asked to leave the course.

Points translate to grades through the following formula:

25 A
24 A
23 A-
22 A-
21 B+
20 B+
19 B
18 B
17 B-
16 B-
15 C+
14 C+
13 C
12 C
11 C-
10 C-
9 D+
8 D+
7 D
6 D
5 D-
4 D-