Good Stuff – Other Rant Blogs (kind of)

As we know, my blog is called Angry Gal Gets Glad. It is essentially my way of using rants and humor to cope with the things that get me flustered.

Here are a few that fall in similar categories for pretty different reasons:

HuffPost Black Voices: I used to discover and share a lot of the posts from this blog via Facebook. Black Voices can be a great way to process current and past events in a way that feels somewhat inclusive (for other black people). Posts are not designed strictly for black readers by any means. On the contrary, many of them are directed outside of the black community to shed light on issues that effect black people, minorities, and marginalized people in general. Unfortunately, there is a lot that a LOT of black people are quite upset about at any given time, and with good reason. It seems that I cannot log on to social media without seeing several headlines referring to blackface for Halloween, use of the “N word,” just straight up BS/nonsense, etc. SO, it can be very healing to read what other people who might be coming from a similar place have to say about them (mostly so I know I’m not crazy). This relates to my blog because the Black Voices posts really can come across as rants. The danger is when they get dismissed for that reason. Ok so why should YOU take interest? Same or similar reasons. It can be helpful to hear multiple black people from different families, backgrounds, religions, sharing their opinions and/or collected data regarding any number of topics.

Jezebel: This site handles everything from celebrity stuff to fashion with women in mind. My relationship with Jezebel has more to do with some of the writers’ commentary on feminism. Jezebel posts pop up in my Facebook Newsfeed when there is something for women to be angry about… so all the time! See for example, a victory for women tainted by confusion over the definition of feminism. In short, the political posts can come across as rants. Also, both Jezebel and HuffPost Black Voices writers often utilize humor in their pieces. I appreciate Jezebel generally because it can handle both fun topics and not-so-fun topics, but moves away from the Buzzfeed semi-juvenile style and voice.

The Positivity Blog: This blog has nothing to do with ranting and everything to do with self-improvement. This would be a part of the “Gets Glad” bit of my blog. I think it’s nice because a) everyone can use a bit of positivity b) ranting might not even be a great idea in the first place, and c) the blog has wonderfully short posts, so there’s that.


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